Hi there

Well, here we are. Today was the day that the news became public that my old band, Million Dead, are splitting up. We have one more tour to do before we’re finished, but then it’s well and truly done. It’s a real shame. The reasons why are not really to be discussed here, but I think everyone’s talking about them on the MD site if you’re interested.

So I decided to go it alone. Which is pretty scary, actually. As many people know I’ve done a handful of shows on my own in the last year or two, a few radio sessions, that kind of thing. I’ve always really enjoyed doing that – it seemed like an extension of playing guitar with your friends at a party, except people are genuinely paying attention, and (hopefully) you’re getting paid by the promoter too. Cushty. I’ve been laying down some songs here and there too, I’ve got a little demo that I did myself, studio time booked for next month, that kind of thing. So i reckoned I’d have a shot at this whole “solo” thing (I do hate that word). Who knows, maybe in 6 months time I’ll be back in a band with Ben laughing about my hubris, but I’ll never know unless I give it a shot.

There’s loads of official stuff on the main website, but this bit is supposed to serve as a kind of news section, blog, diary, sounding-off board, whatever. Welcome.

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