Transitional… Yesterday my band Million Dead came to an end, for those that didn’t know. We did our last ever gig in Southampton. It wasn’t the best show, to be honest, as the redecorating of the venue (Southampton Joiners) didn’t include any consideration of ventilation, so we had to cut a few numbers as I was about to faint. Nevertheless an emotional evening, and a good party was had by all afterwards. Now recovering. All of a sudden, the cliche about today being the first day of the rest of your life is actually true. Cripes.

I’ve been really pleasantly surprised (overwhelmed?) by the number of people asking about demo cds. I’m doing a big mailout on Monday morning, for anyone waiting. I have been sending them out for free, but funds are such that I’m asking for SAE’s now, but as ever, email me. And bear in mind also that these are the first four songs I finished. I’ve finished another three and have loads more on their way, and, though I say so myself, quality is improving, so keep your ears peeled. I’ve got lots of exciting scary meetings up ahead to figure out exactly how I’m going to visit my noise on the world more comprehensively in the future. Oh, and I’m also labouring under an obsession with that Kelly Clarkson song “Since U Been Gone”. I had no idea who she was, the spelling is reprehensible, and her record sales probably fund child slavery in South America, but it just ROCKS. Fight me.

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