One small step

Well, played my first two post-MD shows on Thursday and Friday. Obviously not the first solo shows I’ve done, but it felt like something of a step into the unknown to be up there 100% alone. I really enjoed both sets (apart from the broken string in London) and I’m hankering for more now.Shifted loads of demo CDs as well, which was nice. Tomorrow I’m off on the Reuben tour, which I’m really looking forward to, not only because they’re ace and lovely and all the rest of it, but also because they have Fighting With Wire as support, who in turn have Graham (MD’s sound guy) in their touring party. I smell trouble ahead…

Also, for those interested in the Bradford show at the Love Apple Cafe on this Friday, it’s a really early show – whole thing wrapped up by 8pm apparently, so it might be wise to look at 6ish for an arrival time. it’s also free to get in.

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