Just got back home from the Reuben tour, and am starting the long, slow and painful process of recovery. In fairness it’s largely Fighting With Wire’s fault, but wherever you point the finger, a hangover is a hangover. Ugh. I didn’t end up playing the tour for various technical reasons, but I did have my 3 minutes of fame doing Karl’s part from ‘Alpha Signal 3’, so it was all good.

The Bradford Film Festival was also a fun day – we made a video for one of my tunes in the space of 5 hours, which was pretty hard going. The end result is rough and ready but pretty cool. I’m going to put it up on the site somewhere as soon as all the technical hooha has been sorted out. Watch this space.

I’ve been booking lots more shows, including quite a few with Get Cape Wear Cape Fly. If you haven’t already checked him out I’d recommend have a peek at his website (www.getcapewearcapefly.co.uk) and checking some of his tuneage. Also got some shows with Agile Thought and Meetjohndoe, so I should be covering a lot more of the UK in coming months than I have before. See you there.

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