CD ordering

I’ve been sending out demo’s for SAE’s for a little while now, since this site started in fact. However, I’m sd to report that this outburst of generosity has to come to an end now. This is because it still does cost me to send out a CD even if I have an SAE, and given that my current income stream (when I’m not playing a gig) is a big old zero, and that I’m hugely in debt, I decided that it wouldn’t be taking the piss to ask people for ‘a33 for a 6-track CD. Call me a capitalist profiteering pig if you must, but a man’s gotta eat. Obviously people who’ve already emailed me about it and / or sent an SAE off will still get their copy, but the rules have changed as of now. Also, I’m a bit of a paypal beginner, so if there are any problems with ordering the CD please let me know so I can fix em.

Unconfirmed reports from a few people that Zane Lowe played “The Real Damage” on his show the other day… I didn’t know he even had a copy (downloaded maybe?) but I can’t be arsed to scroll through his tracklistings to find out, so if anyone knows any more about this, please let me know. It’d be ace if it was true.

In other news I reckon I’m about 75% back to strength after 10 days in the company of FWW (see post below). I’m also working on a few new choons at this end, one of which is (in my humble opinion) pretty much the best thing I’ve put together in my time as a musician. So get me. I’m also playing around with a verse that was kindly donated to me by Jamie Reuben – it’s a lovely little tune, which I’m definitely going to use. The only problem is that it came with the lyrics “Please God, whatever you do, don’t send me to Russia.” The thing is, I quite want to go to Russia, I’ve never been, and Latvia was cool as chips when we went there… hmm… who knows? “Prussia” maybe?

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