Ugh. I have finally done it, finally dipped my toe into the rancid waters of myspace. It seems that you can’t avoid the blasted thing any more. It gives me the fear, makes me think of Dawson’s Creek, the OC, poorly written teenage suicide notes, internet goths and so on. I’m not over the moon about my newfound myspace presence, in short. Nevertheless, it’s there:

Don’t hate me for it. I intent to run the thing in a minimal effort kind of way. That means that I have no intention of inviting anyone to be my internet “friend”. I will, however, be accepting all requests for e-friendship from other people (as that only requires one mouse click). So come on, join up and stop me having a sneaking suspicion that despite the obvious idiocy of it all, I need more online mates

Fun shows recently, hi to everyone who made it down and shook their booty (in a suitably restrained kind of way). Special “hi and thanks” to Simon from Sevenoaks for saving my bacon. I’m recording this coming weekend, and then lots more gigs later in the month. See y’all there.

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