Rock the Carpark

Well, a few days off at my end, so I’m taking a little break, which is nice and (I feel) much deserved. I’ve had a hectic few weeks, and it’s been quite a while since I woke up in a bed and without a hangover. Hello to everyone I’ve met in the last few days, the shows have been great, the recording was super, and things are generally looking pretty good at FTHQ at the moment. Currently looking into some merch (badges and Tshirts for now, the thongs will have to wait), catching up with demo orders and so on. I might even have some lunch in a bit.

Some details about the split with Reuben. It’s going to be the last in a series of 4 split 7″ coloured vinyl records released by Xtra Mile Recordings in January. My side will feature “The Real Damage“, while my good friends in Reuben will be contributing “Every Time A Teenager Listens To Drum’n’Bass A Rockstar Dies“. It should be a corker, and it’s due for release on January 30th. More info on the Xtra Mile website.

As mentioned below, the carpark show in Leeds was an absolute blast, and I thought I’d fulfill my promise of putting some pictures up here for y’all…

This is me in the carpark, keeping warm with my kickarse new jacket (which my cousin gave me for free the other day – apparently it cost him ‘a3300. He is loaded tho… Thanks cuz!)

Here’s some of the crowd. Spot yourself, scenesters.

Me and Sam Getcape. I was in fact beatboxing to one of his tunes at this point in time, believe it or not. Then again he was hobbling like a twat because he sprained his ankle the night before in Nottingham throwing himself at shops…

Me and Sam staring lovingly into each others’ eyes.

Our beatutiful public.

And there you have it.

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