Mid January Blues

Hey everyone, I’m back from Latvia (as many will have gathered). Had an ace ace ace time, and I’m in the middle of putting together a fucking huge diary with 3 pages of text and photos from the trip. Would have finished it by now but I don’t have one disc of photos at the moment (yes we took that many), Jamie’s sending them to me tomorrow morning. Keep your eyes peeled for that any time soon.

In other news, I’ve had a few days at home, and I actually really don’t like this whole sitting around not doing much malarkey, not least because I’m utterly skint. Can’t wait until tomorrow when I’m heading down to Plymouth for the night, then Kingston, then up to Scotland. Pretty constant shows for a while then (still trying to plug a gap feb 3rd-6th if anyone has anything), it’s going to be ace. See you all on the road somewhere no doubt, as part of my “endless tour of everywhere” (according to rocksound… I wish!). Fresh.

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