Save the Forum

Another heavy weekend. Recovering now. Ended up playing the most random show ever in North London on Sunday evening, it was fun. Jay (Beans On Toast) and I got halfway through writing a duet entitled “Blowing Up Seagulls with Alkaseltzer” but had to give up after a protracted debate about whether or not seagulls were rats with wings. Winchester tonight, a hometown show! Looking forward to it.

The Forum in the title of this post is in Tunbridge Wells. Some kid is suing the venue and they’re having trouble keeping their heads above water. It’s a fucking great place, played some cool shows there, and I actually have another coming up on March 25th. There’s more info on the story here, go check it out. There should be some kind of benefit festival in the summer too.

I spent Valentine’s Day in Ipswich – there’s a song title if ever there was one.

UPDATE: contrary to ben thinking he’s a genius (see comments), someone IS actually trying to sue the forum, the article’s a little out of date. They broke their leg at a Raging Speedhorn show last year.

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