Getting Behind

I know I know, it’s been a while since I updated the site, posted a blog, or did anything. Not that anyone cares much, but it still keeps me awake at night. I’m curently in Oxford with the lovely Dive Dive recording an EP, and it’s going very well – five songs, just finishing the guitars now, got some violin, piano, organ, and even an instrument which we can’t identify (so we called it an Uzbekistan, obviously). It’s sounding great and it’s going to blow your socks off. Nice. I also ended up playing a last minute gig last night in a bar called Babylove, which was a little surreal but good fun.

A few things… the EP release date shifts like the sands because I want to make it earlier if I can. The Gabby Young tour is extending itself, I have a few more dates to post on the site when I get a minute’s rest. Also, the Brighton show for March 6th has moved from the Polar Bar to The Globe. In the final stages of booking some shows in France and Belgium too, and sorting out a return visit to Eastern Europe for the summer. Busy as hell, in other words. But it’s all good!

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