“There’s Always One Who Reads The Daily Mail…”

I’ve been enjoying my last few days of freedom, before the start of the uber-tour, by, erm, well, by ending up getting roped into playing more shows – I did two in London over the weekend. I was booked for the one on Sunday at 6.30am that morning. Goddammit. But it was for a worthy cause (my friend Sarah’s birthday) and she told me that my Leonard Cohen cover “nearly made me wet myself” (something I’ll be putting on my CV from now on). So it wasn’t all bad then.

In serious news, it’s all about releases this week. I’ve contributed a track to the forthcoming Public Service Broadcast compilation that’s coming out through the good people at Small Town America Records. It’s a limited run, so if you’re interested, go check it out. It should be hitting the outside world for April 17th. Then there’s the Campfire Punkrock EP, the final mixes of which I got yesterday (they sound ace). It’s now definitely scheduled for release on May 15th. And finally, I’m definitely going to be releasing a split of some description with my friend Jonah Matranga in June sometime. It’ll feature me covering some classic American songs, and him doing the same for some English ones.

And then of course there’s a million gigs in the offing too, details of which can be found in the usual places. I can’t wait to get out on the road with Gabby Young and pals, it’s a pretty intense schedule – coming home every week or so, as I have been of late, is unsatisfying. Time for a proper chunk of tour.

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