Happy Easter

I currently find myself in Oxford, chez Dive Dive. It’s Easter Day (cue many jokes about me looking like jesus…). Every year for the past four years I’ve forgotten to figure out when Easter weekend is in advance, and so have found myself on tour somewhere, much to the disdain of my family. It’s something that reminds me that I’ve been doing this touring thing for quite a while now. It also means I haven’t had an Easter Egg for years now. Thankfully, I’ve been invited to a family meal with Tarrant’s folks, which is great news. Nut roasts all round.

The tour is going well, long and tiring, and there’s more dates popping up here and there (many more French and Belgian dates on the site now, and confirming lots more UK and European dates at the moment). The EP is all ready to rock, and there is something you lot can do at this stage to help out. Take the time to go to your local record shop and ask them to pre-order in the EP. It’s called ‘Campfire Punkrock’, it’s on Xtra Mile Recordings (distributed by Vital) and it’s out May 15th. One of the problems for releases at this level is the whole chicken-and-egg thing about shops stocking the release – people won’t buy it unless it’s there, but shops won’t put it there unless they think people will buy it. So if you have the time to pop into as many stores in your area as you can and mention it to them, that helps an awful lot. Thanks people, much appreciated as ever.

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