Three little things

Three little things I wanted to mention today in the haze of an appalling hangover…

1. My sister got married yesterday. I doubt any of you really care, but I do, and I wanted to share the love a bit and say “congrats” one more time. So, congratulations guys. Also, I am dying hungover. Seriously doubting my ability to carry on right now. Wearing sunglasses as I type this, and as some of you will know, I hate people who wear sunglasses. It’s that bad.

2. I finally played a show in cardiff – woohoo! And it was a stormer as well. I’d like to extend my thanks to Cosmo, who sorted the show (and is now looking after my hat…). I’d also like to point you lot in his direction – his website – as he was thoroughly excellent himself.

3. I played a show a while back in Hertford, and shared the stage with a guy going under the name of Everything I Do Is Perfect. He rocked the house, and he’s finally got himself a myspace with some songs on it. Awesome lyrics – check it out.

That’s all for now. I’m going to lie down and die quietly somewhere.

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