The Way The World Works

Well, finally back home after the end of the tour on Friday and a weekend of fun which has left me with a monster cold and stiff arm muscles from playing tennis (no seriously). Time to chill out in bed for a few days. A big thanks to Gabby Young and the collective – Spam, Al, Rob, David – for a cool tour, and thanks to everyone who made it down to a show. I’ve got a few radio sessions later this week (more on that soon) and then I’m off to Europe next weekend. But there’s also…

Campfire Punkrock, as most people reading this site will probably know, is due for release on May 15th, i.e. a week today. This is ace news. However, I may require some of your assistance. The problem is that the way record stores run their ordering is somewhat prejudicial against smaller artists. Basically it’s a chicken-and-egg thing – the stores won’t preorder any copies of smaller artists’ releases in for the release date unless they think that they will sell. So usually they don’t bother, the CD doesn’t sell (because it’s not in the fucking shops!) and everyone goes home empty-handed. The way that you good people can help out is to drop into your local record store and ask them to order the release in (it’s on Xtra Mile, which is distributed by Vital, which means everyone should be able to get it) for the 15th. That’s the best way of circumventing this little problem. As ever, your help will be much appreciated.

And in other news I finally got my hands on the Mcluskyism B-sides comp, and it’s fucking excellent. “Hippies, hippies everywhere and never a drop to drink”.

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