Unintentional Haircut

Lexapalooza on Saturday was a great success. Everyone was cool (with one notable exception, who were utter cunts, but I won’t name names), I got to play some songs with Adam Killip, which was nice, and a good time was had by all. I was pretty out of it by time I left, I have vague memories of being in a taxi with Adam with some random guy, playing him songs together. Who knows. Even got my haircut, quite drastically, whilst wasted, which was a nice surprise. It doesn’t look to bad actually – there’s a photo floating around the forum for those who are interested.

More shows coming up around the UK, and my next Eastern European jaunt is getting firmed up too, which’ll be fun. The big news to talk about right now is the show at the Camden Barfly on 8th August. It’s going to be quite an important show for me, so gather your friends and head down. As an exra incentive, I’m going to be recording an album version of “The Ballad Of Me And My Friends” that night, so everyone needs to go to my Myspasm, learn the song (or at least the bit where people sing along) and then we’ll commit it to tape that night. Fun.

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