My New Career Highlight

So there we were, Tiernan (off of TV’s Public Relations Exercise), Ed and myself, in Leicester, looking for somewhere to go eat. We decided to hit Pizza Express in the town centre, and walked in on them doing a photo shoot for a new publicity / advertizing drive. We enthusiastically offered our services, eager to prove our love for all things pizza express (and tempted by their offer to pay for lunch, as well as the general hilarity of it all). So the long and short of it is that we were the centrepiece models for their new advertising campaign. Look for us on a billboard near you soon.

In other news, part one of my French tour diary is now up online through the wonderful people at You can find it here. The rest will follow shortly. Also, for anyone planning on coming down to the Barfly show in Camden in August, I’d advise buying tickets as they’re starting to go pretty fast. Which is nice.

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