Clean Clothes and The Mother Of All Showers

Just got back to Winchester from tour. Apart from a brief interlude here just before I went out East, I really haven’t spent much time here at all in the last few months. I’m fucking exhausted at the moment, and there’s not much let up on the way – I start pre-production for my album on Wednesday, and go straight from that into recording until the end of September, when tour starts again. Thus I have decided that the rest of today is for TV, an awesome shower, some food, maybe even a bath as well (oh the decadence). Then tomorrow I have to start checking that I’ve finished writing all my songs. Fingers crossed. It’s a little strange to look ahead over the next few months and see so few gigs – it’s been a hectic year so far. Well, I guess it won’t be long before I’m out on the road again – October to be precise.

Also, the diary of my last trip will be up as soon as I can get it finished, which might take a little while. But it will also be awesome. Watch this space.

EDIT: I’m such a ninja. Part one can now be found here.

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