Notes from the Underground

A quick update from Oxford. I’m mid-way through week two of recording. We’ve nearly finished all the drum tracks and we’ve started laying down acoustic guitars. The work ethic here is really good – relaxed but determined, and we’re working pretty fast – looking to finish tracking instruments ahead of schedule at the moment. Then there’s the business of mixing, and even deciding what is going on the album and what isn’t – we’re looking at having at least 19 songs recorded, with possibly a few covrs and traditionals thrown in as well. I really like working hard on something, really losing myself in focus on a specific project. Days off are a chore. Tonight I’m off to London to play wth Dashboard Confessional, which will no doubt be fun and worthwhile and all that, but I’d rather be holed up in Tarrant’s basement knocking out bass parts or something until the small hours.

I think that’s Ben Dive at the door now, ready to start recording. Adios.

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