Photo Dispatches From The Front Line

Thought it’d be fun to upload a few photos from the studio while I have the time. It’s the weekend again, so another little break, as we’re recording in Tarrant’s folks’ house, which means we need to observe some domestic restraints. We have been working fucking hard though, and it’s all going well – today was synth, banjo and harmonica day. Anyhoo, on with the visuals:

This is me with my first banjo. I am so excited about this, words can hardly express it. It’s a FUCKING BANJO!! It sounds like a banjo, looks like one, smells like one… It’s fucking awesome and it sounds like pure fucking sex.

This is Ben (Dive Dive) showing how excited he is about the fact that we have another 12 songs of vocals left to record. He loves it really.

The tools of the job – a banjo and a cheap Yamaha keyboard. Seriously, we’ve been using the “alpine horn” setting as a soft pad synth (ala Bruce Springsteen etc.). I love the people who designed this thing, the sounds are so wholesomely insane.

And that’ll do for now. Another European update tomorrow, methinks.

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