“Today New York Kind Of Looks Like Beirut…”

So, five years on from 9/11 (please, 11/9, just for once?). We were getting ready to go into the studio and record the first Million Dead demo CD that day. I was hanging out with my then-girlfriend Saraj, when her aunt called and said we should probably switch on the TV, as there’d been a terrible accident in New York. Just as my arse hit the sofa the second plane came in and hit. Pretty disturbing stuff. I remember discussing it with the other MDers in the studio the next day. Politically it is the defining moment of my generation, and the ‘political’ lyrics that I wrote for MD reflect that (see me quoting myself above…). I guess I just finding it interesting to think about how the world has changed in the last 5 years. Opportunities squandered… I feel like there really was a chance, in late 2001, with everyone sympathetic to the USA, when a real sea-change in Western foreign policy could have been affected. And one was, but not quite the one I was hoping for. We’ve fucked up so badly it’s almost comic. Osama bin Laden’s stated primary aim was not to militarily defeat the west; it was to redraw the world into two opposing camps – jihadists and the west (with their moderate muslim allies). He has succeeded in spades, with blundering Western cooperation at every stage. We are fucking retarded. The world is so much less safe now than it was then.

In other news, Ben from Million Dead is now a medical anomale. But it’s good to know he’s going to be OK. I’ll be bringing him some grapes tomorrow then.

Also, on September 18th I’ll be playing the last ever Lamacq Live Lounge on Radio 1 from 9pm, along with people like Richard Hawley etc. Tune in.

Jay (Beans On Toast) as posted his “sequel” to Thatcher Fucked The Kids on his myspace site now – it’s called “I Shot Tupac Shakur” and you can find it on his myspace.

I am listening to Ryan Adams, for my sins.

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