Sense & Sensibility

Currently chilling out in Cambridge, at my sister’s house, getting ready (mentally) for tonight’s Radio One shennanigans. Bit of a crazy weekend just gone – on Saturday I played two shows. The first was at 93 Feet East and was the Smalll Town America Records annual chairty all dayer. Much fun was had by all – I particularly enjoyed sets by my old friend Leila, Irish compadres Oppenheimer, and all-round mentalists Tiger Force – and over ‘a31500 was raised for Cancer Research. Good stuff. After my set I had to run to catch a train to Cambridge to play at Farmageddon Festival. Due to various lies and half-truths told by the bastards at National Rail Enquiries, I got to the festival 5 minutes after I was due onstage, and literally ran into my set and started playing. Which was fun… Much decadence ensued afterwards, and I am now paying for my sins.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that the album is finished, tracking-wise. The mix is underway, but it shouldn’t take too long – the rough mixes I’ve taken away with me sound pretty damn fresh as they are. Predictably enough I’ve listened to it 9000 times since leaving Oxford, and I’m not bored yet, which is surely a good sign. The final tracklisting is coming together in my head, and I’ve started scouting out the artwork too. Very excited…

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