“My heart is hurting but my shotgun is working…”

A quick note to say: I got the new Lemonheads album yesterday, and it’s fucking mint. I’ve always loved Evan Dando as a songwriter, and I think he’s been improving with age (to date my favourite Lemonheads album is Car Button Cloth). This time round he’s got Karl Alvarez (the Descendents) and Bill Stevenson (the Descendents and Black fucking Flag) in as his rhythm section, and he’s even got J Mascis doing some lead work on a few songs. Talk about a fucking supergroup. Only had about 3 spins so far but it’s sounding great. Highly recommended.

Also, I’ve got some shit for sale on ebay – they can be found here. If you buy them you’ll be contributing towards my going-on-a-proper-holiday-for-the-first-time-in-about-5-years fund, so bid generously.

I have aso been listening to Calexico, and the new Tailors stuff, which is awesome.

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