The Sweet Smell Of Victory

This morning, after finally making our minds up about an edit in one song (two or four repeats of the breakdown? eh?) Ben (producer) and I finally called a halt to work on the album. It’s done, finished. Now all that remains is the mastering (next week) and the artwork (in progress) and we’ll be ready to manufacture. It’s a big relief to be able to cross that one off my “to do” list at last. And I must say I’m damn proud of it too, I think it’s going to pleasantly surprise people with it’s aceness. Which might sound a little big-headed, but then if I didn’t think that I’d still be working on it now, and Ben would be slowly garotting me with my own hair. So it’s for the best really.

In other news, I’m geared up for the tour with the Automatic (and the extra solo headline shows that I’ve been booking on their days off). T-shirts, CDs, badges, guitar strings, clean pants, all either ready to go or on their way. It should be a good ‘un. I can’t wait to get back on the road actually, and it doesn’t seem like a long enough stretch to me. There’s a string of Scottish dates coming up too, if you hadn’t noticed already. See you there.

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