“The things I do to kill me only help me to relax”

It’s good to be out on the road again. As much as I needed a break from constantly waking up in different places, I’ve missed it, and this stretch of dates has (thusfar) been totally sweet. The Automatic boys are a lovely bunch of lads, their crew likewise, and I’ve been making new friends. Last night in Bristol ended up sat on the roof of the bus talking shit till the early hours. It was romantic, haha… The Keele show was also aceness. Now in Cardiff waiting around for the start of the shennanigans. Cosmo is coming down tonight and bringing my old hat back, and I am thoroughly excited about this.

The first half of the video shoot went really well, apparently rough cuts are looking “French”. Make of that what you will. Also got a piece on my favourite band up on rocklouder.co.uk – dribbling devotion can be found here. And the last little titbit for today… I’ve been rocking out to one of Ben from Million Dead’s new projects recently, the loverly Armed Response Unit. It’s good to hear the man playing to his full abilities again. The myspae has old demos on it, which are good, but the new stuff I’ve got is much much better. Thrash.

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