“Lately I’ve been feeling no pain…”

Back at FTHQ after a stretch of Scottish shows, which were much fun. A general “hoots mon” to everyone at the shows. The Kilmarnock show for yesterday fell through so I ended up gatecrashing my friend Jane’s houseparty, which was pretty manic (involved me learning a song off Pochohontas too). Feeling the burn today, which is not an activity I enjoy at the best of times, and getting on a plane is not the best of times for me. Ungood.

A week of hard work ahead – finishing everything for the album, a couple of gigs on the horizon, finalizing the details of the January album tour, that kind of thing. Speaking of the album tour, for those who hadn’t noticed, it’s going to feature me with a backing band for the first time. I’ve done nearly 200 shows on my own now and I’m majorly looking forward to having a rhythm section behind me – not for the whole of the set, mind, but most. Dive Dive will also be on the tour, and much fun will be had by all, no doubts. It’s going pretty much everywhere in the UK, rest assured.

Dregs… My friend Peter Hill took some photos of me on the Automatic tour recently, and has been good enough to post them up on his site here. Check it. There’s a big website redesign on the way, which will include my myspasm page – new songs going up, innit, plus also the video for Vital Signs (at last). I’ve been rediscovering Josh Rouse. He rules. Go listen.

EDIT: Wow, I’m on fire today. A couple of new tracks now up on myspace – check it out.

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