New Website

Yup, pretty obvious post this, but I got round to updating the website (well, all apart from the ‘Press’ section, which is coming soon). Of particular interest is the extended links section, where I put myspace links for all the UK people I could think of off the top of my head who I would recommend (apologies if I left anyone totally obvious out). There’s also an extended FAQ, which I’m hoping people will actually read this time round. For the many people who’ve been asking, the new artwork was done by Chris Pell. It clearly rules, and more of his stuff can be found at this site.

Then of course there’s new stuff up on the myspazz. Glad that people seem to be liking it for the most part. My wek of total organization and getting my shit together is hopefully going to continue, with the new video and the new tour dates hopefully up in the next few days. Huzzah.

Cosmo just sent me his new CD, which was recorded while he was arsing around South America. I shall be enjoying it over the next few days, no doubts. Oxford tomorrow, the world the day after.

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