Album Tour Bonanza!

Yup, the album tour is here. This is going to be special… I’ll be playing with a full band for most of my set, Dive Dive are main support and Beans On Toast is on most of the dates as well. You can find the dates here. There’s a few more TBC as well, so hopefully I’ll have the whole of the UK covered. The album will be out by then too so you’ll all have had a chance to learn the words, haha…

Crazy weekend. Had two shows booked (one of them a surprise gig for Ollie) but ended up playing four… spent Saturday and half of Sunday hanging out with The Tailors and actually ended up playing at both their shows, even playing guitar for them for a tune in Brixton, which was aceness. On the downside, I got fucking mugged in Brixton after the show by some cuntoids who got my wallet (with no money in it) but left my phone / passport / cash. Dipshits.

The Video for Vital Signs will be up online tomorrow, at last. Apologies for the delay, we’ve had some technical issues.

Played with a band called Mozzy Green in Harlow last night, and they were throughly excellent (and lovely people to boot). Go check them out, minions! See you all on tour.

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