New Video

Ah, finally, the video is up online. At the moment you can watch it on my myspace profile – I’ll be adding it in other web places later on. It’s also being played on Q, The Box, MTV2 and Topshop TV (ahahaha. No really, ahahaha) at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled people.

There’s been one addition to the tour dates so far (Newcastle) as well. People in Cardiff and Glasgow need to settle down and consider the fact that it’s unlikely I’d do a full UK tour and miss out two capital cities… Also, people hitting me up about support slots, I don’t want to sound offish, but it’s been sorted for the most part, and on the few occasions where it hasn’t I have a list as long as my arm of bands / singers I’m going to ask… So, probably not worth that email then.

I’m going on holiday tomorrow for a week. I shall return with a tan. Have fun in my absence.

EDIT: Still going on holiday, but here’s the vid courtesy of youtube:


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