Back in the U.U.U.K

Back from holiday now, less tanned than I thought I was going to be, but on the other hand I went on an elephant ride through a tiger reserve. Yeah, check me, bitches. Also caught two dates of the propagandhi tour, and man-oman they’re still one of my all-time favourite bands. My nose is now firmly back at the grindstone though, and will remain there until, oh, next October or so at the least.

The last of the album tour shows have been confirmed – Keele, Ipswich and Reading now have dates of their very own, which you can check details of on the gigs page. I’m really excited about this tour. There will be merch as well, for everyone who’s asking, and it will indeed include some of the shirts from the video. You lucky people, you can pretend you were in it or something. Actually we had to re-edit the end of it for MTV because apparently the flickering bit was considered an epilepsy risk. Who knew.

There’s lots of exciting press on its way – check out Rocksound, NME, Kerrang over the next weeks and months for titbits here and there. Speaking of the good folks at rocksound, there’s a poll on their myspace page about hot artists for the new year, go lend some weight to my campaign if you have a minute.

Currently sorting out stuff for the tour, starting rehearsals this week, and looking at some shows in the states in March, which is superexciting. As well as rocking out to Hank Williams and Whiskeytown of late, I’ve been immersed in Blah Blah Blah. They truly rule, and will be dominating my christmas compilation CDs. Go check it out.

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