I’m Dreaming of a White New Year…

…And I’m going to get one, because I’m going to be in Russia, Moscow to be precise, and it’s going to rule. Bwahahahaha! Naa, it’ll be fun to catch up with old friends from the summer, get drunk Moscow-style (slightly scared) and prepare another tour diary for the site. You lucky things.

A week of meetings, rehearsals, gigs in Kingston and haircuts (thanks Jamie). Rehearsals for the tour are sounding ace thusfar, and we’ve only had one, so things are looking promising, to say the least!

The other major piece of news here is that you can now pre-order the album from HMV online, by following this link. It’ll only set you back ‘a37.99 including delivery, which is nice. Incidentally, in response to a few questions, I’m not waging war on independent record stores by sending people an HMV link. The fact stands that it’s a very convenient way of getting people to preorder the album (thereby bypassing the usual problem of stores not bothering to order in releases by smaller artists at all). People won’t get the release any earlier this way, and if you want to wait for the day and hit an indie shop, go crazy, enjoy yourself. It’s just more convenient for me, as the artist, to advertize this way of picking the album up. Rant over.

On the day that the album is actually released, I’m going to be jetting around London, doing four different Fopp instores –

  • Westbourne Grove Branch 12PM
  • Camden Branch 1.30PM
  • Covent Garden Branch 4PM
  • Tottenham Court Road Branch 6PM

Which is going to be tiring, but fun. If people make it to all four instores then they get an invite to the launch party, which is that evening in London (but not generally a public affair). Starting the year as I mean to go on…

I’m currently confirming shows in the states for next year, as well as various parts of Europe and more dates around the UK after the album tour (hold out, people of Brighton and the Southwest, I WILL find you). My schedule for next year is pretty intensely insane already and is only getting more so. Hurrah.

Recently I’ve been rediscovering the work of Charles Kim, in particular The Sinister Luck Ensemble. I got into his stuff years ago but it’s been languishing on my shelf unloved for too long. I saw them play live a long time back in a totally shitty bar somewhere in London, and
they ruled. Check it out.

EDIT: I’ve aleady been helpfully emailed a pretty comprehensive list of independent online record stores. So go here and have a browse. Heads up to Luke for that one.

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