The Kids Are Gonna Love It

This morning I played one of the hardest shows of my career… to 50 primary school children. My mum is a teacher at the school I went to as a lad, and asked me if I had the time to pop in and play guitar / banjo for a bit, show them some different sounds, play a tune or two. Honestly, it’s the most nervous I’ve been in years. Weird stuff. But I survived!

A few titbits – Steve Lamacq has been good enough to make Vita Signs his Single Of The Week on his Six Music show. There’s quite a bit of my ugly mug in the latest Play Music magazine (they’re rapdily becoming my favourite music rag), so check that out. The good folks at Banquet Records have got a little page for me, another place where you can pre-order the album, and I actually signed a bunch of stuff for them the other day to give away with said pre-orders, so check it out. Also, some more week-of-release instores for you: Tuesday 16th January will see me in North London’s Puregroove at 5pm, while Wednesday 17th January will see me in previously-mentioned Banquet Records at 6pm. Enjoy.

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