It’s The Final Countdown

Back from Moscow, liver intact (just). Diary to follow shortly. Jamie got kidnapped by three Russian women, it was insane. Anyways. A few quick thoughts:

1) Both London shows of the tour have now sold out, and some of the others are getting there too. If you’re planning on coming to the tour, getting tickets sooner rather than later would be a plan.

2) For disappointed Londoners, there’s still the various instores happening, including the launch extravaganza on Monday 15th (if you make it to all four instores you get an invite to the launch party that night). Then there’s Puregroove and Banquet over the next few days. More details in the gigs section.

3) Check out NME, Rocksound, Kerrang and Playmusic magazines for various features and reviews over the next few weeks.

4) Some American dates starting to be confirmed, which is the best thing ever. I’ll be back at SXSW Festival, and then heading out with Josh English and Jonah Matranga for some more shows over to the West Coast. Tell your friends.

5) Check out the future of British hip-hop here.

Take care kids, album due in one week!

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