Zero Hour

OK, so here we are, tomorrow morning my debut solo album comes out. Exciting stuff… although I must say the real cruncher for me was (finally) getting a copy of the finished product, complete with artwork. It was a surreal moment looking down at the actual thing, with my ugly moniker on the front. But it looks, and sounds great. The reviews are (generally) pretty damn good. The Sun even called me a “genius” – haha, I suspect to qualify for that from that publication you only need to be able to handle subclauses without blacking out, but anyways, that was nice.

Instores tomorrow and the next few days, and then it’s really not very long until the tour starts, which I’m looking forward to more and more as rehearsals come together. The tickets are shifting at a healthy rate too, and most of it should be gone by time we get to the towns in question. Incidentally, there are now some more tickets for the Borderline show, but not millions, so hurry. Merch is on its way as well, and there’ll be an online shop soon enough.

Also very pleased to be able to confirm a bunch more American shows. We’re also talking about properly releasing the album stateside at the moment, which I’m very excited about. There are Irish shows on the horizon as well (with my good friends The Holloways).

So it’s all go. See everyone at a gig very soon.

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