Alphabetical Fuckpig

I sit and write from the back office of Glasgow’s Nice n Sleazy. Soundcheck is done and Jay (Beans on Toast) is about to hit the stage. We’re almost half-way through the tour, and all is well, with the possible exception of me having a sore throat that’s taking an age to clear up. It might have something to do with getting wrecked with old friends after most of the shows… who knows? Safe to say that much fun is being had by all. Having a band out on the road makes such a difference in every respect. It’s not maybe what I’ll always do from now on, but it makes a refreshing change from the past 18 months of touring. Jay is bringing the fun too – he’s got a black mini called “The Ninja” and a boot full of laughing gas. Trouble ensues regularly.

Some news for y’all… The wonderful Rachel Brook has finished her little documentary about me on the road last year, entitled “Toil & Peaceful Life”. There’s going to be a special screening in Newcastle on March 2nd at the Side Cinema – more information can be found here. It’ll be getting a proper release sometime later in the year.

No rest for the wicked: I’m heading out to Finland for a few shows at the end of this UK stretch, details to follow shortly. I’m also hitting up Ireland, and then of course there’s the states, which is going to be amazing. The dates are pretty much all confirmed now and up on the gigs page.

The album is selling really well, which is great. Keep telling your friends though, world domination awaits and there’s still more than 59 million people in the UK who don’t own a copy. At the moment we’re discussing a new EP for the early summer, a new video and all that kind of jazz.

Uh-oh, Jay is just starting, I’m heading down to catch his set. Fuck the smoking ban indeed. T’raa.

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