God Motherfucking Dammit

I seem to have pissed off some tetchy deity recently. After a kick-arse UK tur (thanks again to Dive Dive, Jay Beans On Toast, Graham, Stix and everyone at the shows) I headed out for some shows in Finland. And just as we were checking out the venue in Porvoo, for the second show, shit happened.

My guitar, which has been with me for every single solo show I’ve ever done, on which I wrote every single solo song, and quite a few MD songs too, with which I recorded countless guitar parts over 5 releases, got fucking nicked from the car outside by some fucking cunt.

I’m at a loss to explain how shit this is. It’s not the money (though it must be said that finding finance for a new guitar right now is far from easy), it’s the sentiment. That guitar was like my soul, my brother, the only one that has witnessed every triumph and defeat, particularly in the last two years. I’m so pissed off.

Jokke, the promoter in Porvoo, was a saint about it all and still has all his friends on high alert, has called every music and pawn shop in the town and in Helsinki too, alerted the police and even got me interviewed by a local journalist who is going to run the story on wednesday. So you never know, I might be reunited. But I can’t say I’m that optimistic.

Not a good day for me. These things are sent to try us, I guess.

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