“O Danny Boy..”

I find myself in Dublin, feeling rough. I was kidnapped last night after the show and forced, yes forced, into drinking white wine and sambucca. And now I feel amazing. Anyways, the Irish shows have been a lot of fun thusfar, although Derry awaits this evening, and judging by what hapened last time I was there this could be my last post for a while… Touring with The Holloways was a blast, and my own shows have been great to. Thumbs up all round.

An update on the guitar situation: I got a new one, a little Takamine, which is great, but this is merely a stopover before I become the proud owner of the mother of all acoustics. More details later, when the beast is actually in my hands. I guess sometimes good things can come out of shit situations, huh…

Also in the pipeline: a new EP! It’s going to be called “The Real Damage EP” and it’s going to be coming out at the start of May. It’ll feature said song, and three new tracks as well, and maybe even some enhanced content if we can figure out how to do that. There’s a new video and a new tour in the pipeline, so watch this space for updates.

I’m going home on Saturday, and to be honest I cannot fucking wait. I haven’t really had any decent time off this year so far, and I’m knackered and a little ill. Having said that, in my week off before hitting the States I have to shoot a video, do some artwork, mix and master some tracks, start planning a tour, and that kind of thing, but 48 hours in my pants in front of the telly won’t go amiss.

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