I Columbus

Tomorrow morning I’m hitting Gatwick Airport and flying to Portland, Oregon, where I’m meeting up with Josh English. We’re then zooming down to Austin, TX, and driving over to San Antonio for a pre-SXSW gig, the start of my first US tour. I’m pretty damn excited about the whole thing, I think it’s going to be a blast. I had a look at our route on Google Earth, and discovered that there’s curvature of the earth involved in our itinerary. Wow.

In other news, I’m knackered. There’s been video shooting going on throughout this week, as well as a last minute gig, guitar designing (fuck yes) and lots of preparation for another UK tour (to be announced shortly). Essentially, my week off has involved not much time off, but there you go. Shit happens and then you die.

Lots more to do before I head off. I’m going to be reading Steinbeck and listening to Springsteen. Wish me luck.

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