“Did You Hear The Baby Crying In Wichita Today?”

The title of this blog is derived from one of my more profound experiences of Americana. We were searching through stations on the radio en route to LA and stumbled across Bible Radio. It really exists – they were in the middle of a section explaining why it was OK to be Christian and rich, haha… A few stations later we came across a bunch of pro-lifers patting each other on the back. The DJ introduced a song (with the above as the title), which was apparently written by a policeman and his wife after hearing the said DJ discourse on abortion politics. It sounded like the verse to “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson on the wrong speed, dirging along without a chorus in sight. It was, in short, horse. This country is odd.

Our other amazing experience this week has been (possibly) chasing Yngwie Malmsteem (sp?) down the I-10 highway at 80 mph for about half an hour. I say possibly because there was no 100% confirmed sighting, but basically we were tailgating a black BMW with personalized “Yngwie” plates, and I really can’t imagine it was anyone else…

So yes, America is fun and culturallty intriguing. They’re good at food, and San Fransisco is good at pretty much everything lefty or liberal, but then they collectively suck at Tea making and Scrabble (hahahaha). It’s great fun though, and I’m already talking to some folks about coming back out here again, maybe covering some new ground as well as coming up the West coast again.

In LA I did a quick session for Mike Davies’ Radio 1 show, which will be out on Monday night, so keep ears peeled for that one.

I kinda jumped the gun on the tour support thing, incidentally. It’s all a little hazy at the moment, but will essentially feature a mix of some of my favourite bands (The Tailors, Captain Black, Jay Jay & The Pistolets). Kid Harpoon can’t make it, sadly, but everyone should check out his myspace all the same.

Right, that’s quite enough blurb for one day. Over and out.

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