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A quick update from the Winchester FTHQ. All busy as ever, putting together stuff for the next round of touring (anyone got any crash-space in Glasgow?). Merch is coming together nicely, the EP will be here in a few days, posters have arrived… All go.

The next week or so sees a little string of dates around the south of the UK. I’m excited about these for two reasons: firstly, they’re solo shows, which I’ve been enjoying more recently. It’s nice to have a mix up between band shows and solo shows, it keeps things interesting, and there are different effects you can achieve in both situations. I’m also stoked because Jay Jay & The Pistolets will be on the tour. This means mayhem, as well as some quality chooons. We’re also doing some more documentary filming type stuff at these shows, so everyone be on their best behaviour, haha…

Finally, today the Public Relations Exercise album comes out. Go listen to the myspace, realize they totally fucking rule, and go buy it.

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