Moustache Blues

As anyone who was down at Frog last Saturday will be aware, I took the rash decision to try shaving myself a full on, manly ‘tache. It seemed like such a good idea at the time, and for a while I felt invincible, but then I felt… shady. I think the crux was when I was introduced to some friends of friends, who then looked at me like a total escaped paedophile. I’m now frantically concentrating on growing my beard back. The only thing which would mitigate this would be the success of my plan to get everyone on the next tour to grow a tache as well. However, thusfar only Ben has agreed and it doesn’t look like there’s any give. Oh well.

Speaking of tours, I’m in Oxford at the moment gearing up for the next one, rehearsing the new set. It seemed important to me not to play the same songs in a different order or whatever, to try and bring something new to the table. So to that end we’ve got 4 songs in the set that weren’t there in January / February, with one or two surprises in there and a brand new song (as yet untitled – having massive trouble with titles at the mo). Manchester on Sunday… heed the wrath.

In the meantime the Video for ‘The Real Damage’ (below) has been picked up by MTV2’s Me Myself & I show, so keep looking for that and elsewhere. Tomorrow night is the Camden Crawl, which will be muchas fun, not least because I’m sharing a stage with my old friends Yourcodenameis:Milo. And I’ve been checking out the possibilities of going back to the States sooner rather than later. Pip pip.

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