You’re a Yob – FACT!

The tour rolls on, developing new levels of weirdness day by day… Jeremy Kyle seems to have taken us all over to the extent that everyone was overjoyed this morning (Monday) that he was back on again after the weekend – seriously, we get up at 9.30 especially. Odd. The shows have been fun, much kudos to Blah Blah Blah, Beans On Toast and Jay Pistolet for good music and good times.

The EP is out a week today. If you have time to get to your local record shop and make sure it’s been pre-ordered, that’d be great. The situation is so chicken-and-egg – record shops don’t think they’ll shift many so they don’t get many so they don’t shift many… annoying. You can also preorder from places like Amazon and that. Thanks.

Moustaches are taking over, by the way… Fear the tache. And not just on me…

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