“Things will be much better, in the summer…”

It’s been a little while since I posted on here, so I figured it was time for an update from FTHQ (a.k.a. my bedroom). The summer is chaping up very nicely gig/festival-wise, most of my dates are now confirmed and up on the gigs page. It’s a pretty good spread (apart from Scotland, sorry) and I should be able to catch some decent sun if this weather holds.

Speaking of festivals, we’re looking for a few volunteers to help out over the summer with a bit of flyering. It’s important for me to stress that I’m conceptually opposed to “Street Teaming” (ugh), being, as it is, a cross between organized blagging and child labour. But basically, if you’re going to be at one of my festival sets anyway (in particular Reading, Leeds, Wireless, Truck, but any will do) and you ave 10 minutes of time to spare, we’ve got some flyers to be handed out. If you’re interested in helping, please email dani (at) presscounsel.com and she’ll fill you in with details. We can’t offer much in the way of payment, but I will be eternally grateful, and I’ll get you a beer too.

Aside from the gigging front, my mind has started wandering over towards album #2. It’s not going to be released (or even recorded) for quite a while yet, but I’m taking some time off this summer to write new material and to start thinking about production and so on. So look out for new songs in the set. I’m pretty excited about new material myself.

The DVD is shaping up better than I could have hoped, people have been amazingly enthusiastic about it all – thanks for that. The first submissions for videos are coming in and they’re great. To answer a regular question, the deadline is the end of July. Also, bear in mind that these are for DVD (not YouTube) so better quality is… um… better.

See you at a Festival somewhere.

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