Reading / Leeds / DVD

Well, that was quite a weekend. Shortly put, Reading & Leeds were fucking amazing. Thanks to everyone who came down to watch my sets and made them special. Here’s a little piece of footage from Reading, for those of you who weren’t there:
Also, just for the record, here’s the definitive information about my forthcoming DVD, ‘All About The Destination‘. It’s due out for the end of September, but it’ll be onsale on the UK Softcore Tour before then. It contains the following awesome stuff:

  • Toil & Peaceful Life‘ – A tour documentary made last summer by Rachel Brook.
  • Three oficial music videos, for Casanova Lament, Vital Signs and The Real Damage
  • A selection of home-made fan music videos
  • 11 live performanes from 6 different shos, including the original recording of The Ballad of Me & My Friends
  • Hand-written guitar tab for the whole of ‘Sleep Is For The Week

…which makes for a pretty fresh DVD in my opinion. Enjoy.

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