Studio Update #1

I’ve been let out of the farm into the land of the living for an hour or two to catch up on my corespondence, while Ben goes to get Nigel from Oxford so he can start drumming for us. Things are going really well, the location is simply breathtaking. We’ve been making friends with local cats and horses, and roping in really old friends of mine for backing vocals (the studio is in the valley I grew up in). We’re starting drums today, which is a little daunting. Up to this point we’ve been working on acoustic / drumless songs, and actually taking the time to focus on that has been great, new ideas have been arriving and things have generally taken a more English folk turn than I had been expecting. This is a good thing. I even bought a mandolin yesterday, learned how to play it and then laid it down on a few songs. I could spend a long time living like this…

The live room:

The control room (Ben’s lair):

Some guitars….:

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