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No matter how many times I do this, I never get used to turnaround days, or find ways of dealing with the stress, or focussing on the good side, or whatever. Session 1 of the album finished this afternoon in triumph. We got more done than expected, everything sounds amazing, and I now have the problem of choosing which songs will make the album and which won’t. Tomorrow morning I fly to the States for the tour, which is going to be great. The DVD is out, finally, which is awesome. So, despite the fact I have 9064937 things to do before bed and have to be up at the crack of dawn, all is well. I’m listening to monitor moxes of the album right now and it sounds great.

Something I just did: put tabs on the website. They didn’t come out so well on the DVD, so here they are, high resolution, for everyone: The tabs page. Enjoy, share, learn the songs and play them yourself.

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