Album 2, One Step Nearer Completion

We’ve just finished tracking album 2. It’s recorded. Now we’ve got some boring computer shit to do before sending the tracks off to Tristan to get them mixed and mastered. I’m tired and a little stressed, but immensely happy with how things sound at the moment. This record feels so much better that “Sleep” to me, I can’t wait to get it into the public domain. Which, to answer all the emails, will hopefully be mid march, with some kind of single action before then.

Speaking of “Sleep”, XFM now have a page up for me as a nominee, here. You can enter a competition to be on the panel of judges, and then clearly vote for me, haha. You can also hear their mini-documentary about me on there. Enjoy.

Chris Pell, who did the artwork for “Sleep”, has a shirt in a competition. Vote for him here please, he’s a great artist and it’s a great shirt.

I’m going to go get some food and some sleep now. In the meantime, don’t forget about the Xtra Mile XMas Party. Not so many tickets left now…

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