Vinyl good, Facebook bad

Ah piss, I’ve caved in. I got a Facebook profile. My powers of resistance were worn away by the fact that you can now have a band profile on there, and seeing as every fucker is on there at the moment (and I use myspace for promotion), I might as well get one. It’s rudimentary at the moment, but come say hello. Ugh, I feel dirty. Just think, loads of old school friends I never liked in the first place can come and waste more of my time. Hooray!

In other news, the good people at Good Friends Records have got the Vinyl, 10″ version of Campfire Punkrock onsale now. This is mainly a USA release, but people in the UK can email Casey Lee and ask him nicely. That’s certainly what I’m doing. Speaking of my overseas friends, there’s now some of my stuff up on the US iTunes, and the good people at Banquet Records also have a digital page for me too. So now you can download stuff legally. Oh joy.

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