Happy New Year

Finally recovered and back in the saddle after a marathon New Year’s Eve party that took in Brixton Academy, and then most of North London. Fun and games. This is the time of year when you’re supposed to reminisce and reflect on the past 12 months. Well… It’s been quite a year, considering that the (first) album came out on January 15th. Lots achieved, many shows played, but I’d rather concentrate on the rosy future than look back. So here’s some stuff coming up:

  • The new album is now finished! “Love Ire And Song” is set for UK release on March 31st (my little sister’s birthday). It also rocks the house.
  • There will be touring galore to go with the album, the dates to be announced very soon, and also some support slots, so watch this space. Like I’m not going to spend the whole of the next year on the road.
  • The XFM New Music Awards are on January 16th. I’ll be playing, it’ll be broadcast, but I’m not expecting to win it, haha…
  • I’m going back to the West Coast of the USA in February, dates TBC very soon, and we’re working on proper US releases for both albums.
  • This Saturday I’ll be rocking Equitruck in Oxford. As it’s the anniversary of my first show with a backing band, the boys will be behind me again (calm down). Fun and games for all, details on the gigs page.
  • This Monday (7th), the boys from Hadouken are taking over Zane’s show on BBC Radio 1. To celebrate this anarchy, they’ll be playing an exclusive new track, Photosynthesis, off the album. 7-9pm, tune in.

That should be enough for everyone to go on for now. Happy new fucking year!

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