New Song O’Clock

My friend Sean sent me this email, and it made me laugh:

“I notice Ken Livingstone has started paraphrasing your lyrics for his re-election campaign: ‘This is the generation whose parents grew up in the 80s – get your snout in the trough and it doesn’t matter a damn about anyone else.’

He did explicitly blame Thatcher for current youth crime during the debate but I cannot be arsed with finding a link to the entire rant. It’s probably on the Evening Standard’s website, nestled among articles about That black fella over there, yes there, he’s looking at you. With his eyes.

If you are to continue influencing outspoken mayoral candidate through song can I suggest your next release features the b-side ‘David Cameron Has the Eyes of a Date Rapist (I mean this as a political metaphor for someone who will take you out to dinner, tell you what you want to hear and fuck you in the back of a cab without asking. Although, let’s face it, he would do it in reality. Just look at the posh twat – he’d bury you in the woods afterwards without blinking).’

Admittedly it’s a cumbersome song title, but could be a right little sing-a-long, maybe to the tune of Betty Davies Eyes: ‘He’s got a date rapist’s eyes…’

If I had a job, I wouldn’t think about things like this.”

And that’s why Sean is great. In other news, I caved into international pressure and put “Photosynthesis” up on my myspace. It will officially be the first single off the new album. Enjoy.

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