Going Slightly Mad

Just when you think you’re on top of Jet Lag, when you think you’ve tricked yourself into believing the new time of day, when you’re not feeling fuzzy or surreal, something like this comes along:
Wow. Anyways. I just got home from the USA. Much fun was had by all, and here’s an extra thanks to Chris T-T, Stephen, Jane and Brandon for good times. I think I’m back over there at the end of April, so parting is not such sweet sorrow after all.

In other news, festival dates are starting to get confirmed. This week I’m all excited about returning to 2000 Trees, and about my first ever slot at the Cambridge Folk Festival. There are lots more to come, so calm down everyone, I’ll post up the dates on my site(s) as soon as humanly possible.

Finally, you should all take 5 minutes out of your day to check this out and see what you can do.

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